Achieving fast-paced success in road safety for a Multinational Paint Company

Client Overview :

The client is an Indian Multinational paint company. They are engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling, and distributing paints, coatings, home décor products, and bath fittings along with providing other related services.

The Client Story:

The client has always been a Safety-Centric organization and upholds the belief that “The health and safety of our employees and contractors is and always will be our top priority.”

The Client attempts to promote a safety culture through employee engagement programs. They have been practicing safety measures diligently and have constantly valued the safety of their employees. However, a few unfortunate incidents in the last few years motivated them to adopt AI technology for their employee safety.

The Challenges:

  • Lack of visibility into Employee Driving Pattern
  • Increase in fatalities
  • Increase in major and minor Incidents
  • Lack of data to improve employee driving behavior.
  • Lack of visibility into the on-road safety of employees.
  • Inability to identify safe and unsafe drivers.

The Solution:

SafetyConnect’s Driving Safety Solution was a viable option to tackle the aforementioned obstacles. Once the connection was established between SafetyConnect and the HSE, a one-month pilot program was implemented. During this course, SafetyConnect was able to provide the following things:

  • Mobile app based solution.
  • Traveled path monitoring of the employees.
  • From no visibility to vivid clarity on driving behavior.
  • Safety Score and unsafe events visibility in real-time.
  • Analysis of driving fit of the vehicle.

A Look into the Pilot Program :

In February 2022, the customer rolled SafetyConnect as a Pilot Run for more than 200 employees across different plants in India for 3 months. This pilot program gave them assistance in the following aspects-

  1. Visibility into every employee's driving behavior.
  2. Identification of Safe and Unsafe drivers.
  3. Counselling of Unsafe drivers.
  4. Reward & Recognition for Safe drivers.
  5. Road Incident analysis.

The results provided the required assurance to take this solution full scale to other employees across India.

The Ensuing Scale up :

In August 2022, the customer went full scale and rolled out the SafetyConnect application for more than 1000 employees across 14 manufacturing plants in India. Currently, within 2 months of implementation, we have started observing a positive change in the driving behavior of the employees.

Metric 1 : Activation Trend

An employee who logs into the app is considered an active user. SafetyConnect helps employees to draw value from day 1 through its data driven and analyzed driving improvement suggestions.

Activation Trend

Metric 2 : Improvement in Safety Score

The SafetyScore provides a holistic understanding of every employee which is then cumulated to understand the organizational safety score.

Safety Score Trend

As the graph represents the increase in the safety score of the customer within 2 months of implementation, it can be inferred that the employees have changed their attitude towards their own driving behaviour.

Metric 3 : At- Risk Behaviour trends

The At-risk behaviors that are captured using our mobile application indicate the driving pattern of every employee that could cause an incident. Monitoring these regularly and conducting counselling shall reduce the risk to that employee.

At-Risk Behaviour Trend

We can infer from the above graph the At-Risk behaviors are seeming low compared to the start of the implementation.

Metric 4- Value add:

Key observations that added value to the customer since the roll-out are:

  1. Plant Plant-level score
  2. Visibility into traveled paths with At-risk behaviors mark-ups
  3. Safety Improvement suggestions.
  4. Weekly and Monthly updates by the Customer Success team.
  5. Assistance in increasing adoption and activation of the solution.
  6. An omnichannel support system to resolve any queries.

These features enhanced the overall employee experience, as they provided employees efficiency directly to their managers across the hierarchy. Also abetted the operations team to actually plan with visibility into real-time distance traveled.


  • 15% increase in safety score within 3 months of solution implementation.
  • 48% average decrease across all the At-Risk behaviors within 3 months of solution implementation.

Overall Results :

Aiming to be a Zero harm workplace, SafetyConnect could render complete visibility into the field employees driving behavior analysis, along with enhancing operational efficiency, and lowering lost man-hours, hospitalizations costs, and accident frequency, thus, increasing productivity.

Frequent Counseling and Rewards & Recognition programs have encouraged better solution usage and motivated the safe driver with better efficiency.