Ensure safety for your in-plant workers with our Forklift Safety Solution.

Enhancing forklift safety and monitoring forklift operations for a safer workplace.

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Forklift safety solution
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Securing Safety

SafetyConnect's Forklift Safety Solution analyzes instances of rash driving and curbs forklift accidents amidst a plethora of other features to curate a safer working environment. Become empowered to guarantee the well-being of your forklift operators.

Identifying Hotspots

Let this solution become your eye. Identify at-risk zones that are more vulnerable to forklift accidents. Reduce damages by managing and controlling these hotspots.

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Identify Hotspots-  Forklift Safety Solution

Fleet Overview

SafetyConnect’s Forklift Safety Solution acts as your fleet commander.
Track the entire fleet of warehouse vehicles. Identify their state–Park, Idle, Moving, Inactive, and know their exact location.

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Fleet Overview-  Forklift Safety Solution

Fleet Utilization

Intuitive dashboards to monitor the overall state of the fleet. Identify under-utilized and over-utilized forklifts for each day.

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Fleet Utilization-  Forklift Safety Solution

Fleet Playback History (History Logs)

Never lose track of important activities and tasks. Our in-plant forklift safety system can playback dangerous warehouse events and occurrences to avoid similar fate in the future.

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History Logs-  Forklift Safety Solution

Operator Behavior Insights

Identify hotshot forklift operators, educate them using gamification, and turn them into slow-moving, safe-as-a-house turtles.

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Operator Behavior - Forklift Safety Solution

Operator Score Report

Fewer accidents, greater score. Assign driver scores to Forklift operators based on their driving capabilities.

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Operator Score Report- Forklift Safety Solution

Live Tracking

Track where each Forklift is at any moment of the day

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Live Tracking-  Forklift Safety Solution


With all the necessary data and reports under one roof, dashboards will help you make analytics-driven decisions.

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Dashboard-  Forklift Safety Solution

Our Value-Added Services

SafetyConnect offers additional services for specific warehouse roles.

For Environmental Health Safety (EHS) executives, we offer operator safety and journey risk management via various add-on features such as dashboards & live tracking, safety overview reports, vehicle overview Reports, decrease in near-miss events, incident alerts & notifications, operator behaviour analysis, shift towards safety culture and operator counseling. For Order Picking System (OPS) operators, SafetyConnect provides tracking of your order-picking operations in your fulfillment centers and equips you with unique features like fleet overview & utilization reports, asset productivity reports, and actionable insights for powerful decision-making. For Human Resource (HR) officers, we aid you in managing your assets, and your warehouse workers by providing insights and visibility into employee productivity, employee working hours as well as calendars to view holidays and leaves.

What are you missing out on?

More Visibility
Enhanced Operator Productivity
Achieving “Zero Harm”
Proactive Safety Culture
Actionable Safety Insights
Double-digit Safety metrics improvement month-on-month

Reimagining In-Plant Safety–See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our company values the safety of our warehouse employees. So we decided to upgrade our warehouse safety protocols to monitor the traffic inside. The team at SafetyConnect helped us ensure that our employees were protected at all times. Their warehouse safety solution allows our managers to oversee daily operations. It gives them more visibility into what is happening inside the warehouse aisles. It tells them how well the forklift drivers are performing, what stops they made, how much time they spent carrying out a particular load/unload operation, and much more. The system is smart enough to alert the managers if there is a possibility of occurrence of any incident. This is possible by using a unified dashboard that updates in real-time. Our warehouse operators feel more confident and safe by having an additional pair of eyes to ensure their safety.”
“We appreciate the work SafeyConnect has done for us. Our employees easily incorporated the forklift safety solution into their daily work activities. Now, we can monitor the driving behavior of our in-plant operators and track any discrepancies in real-time. Based on their driving patterns, we evaluate their performance and give them data-driven recommendations for improvement. Today, we are seeing significant progress in the productivity of our workforce. Our operators are more educated on all risky maneuvers they should avoid while driving warehouse vehicles. Thanks to SafetyConnect, all our employees are more sensitive to ensuring warehouse safety.”
“Within six months of implementing the forklift safety solution, our warehouse operations have been optimized considerably. Due to SafetyConnect, our managers can easily monitor the entire fleet of warehouse forklifts. Real-time tracking of forklifts has resulted in a major reduction in warehouse incidents. Our warehouse workers and managers are never blindsided. We can observe fleet utilization reports to redirect load further and streamline our daily operations. The driver score report has motivated our forklift operators to follow the high safety standard to maintain their score, cultivating a more safety-aware and empowered warehouse safety culture in our company. Huge shoutout to SafetyConnect’s customer success team for sticking with us during the entire implementation process.”


How reliable is the data captured with SafetyConnect?

The forklift safety solution works with multiple sensors available on your phone in order to seamlessly gather accurate data.

How does the solution help reduce accidents?

An alarm system will be placed on the Forklift that starts beeping when any at-risk behaviours are detected. The data from the forklift solution helps the operators and the managers access such behaviours and help at-risk forklift operators to rectify their ill - practices. This helps in reducing future accidents and ensure your warehouse forklift safety.

How quickly have employees of large corporations adapted to SafetyConnect?

With our customers, who have dedicated safety teams and safety policies, we have seen the employees adapt in about 2-6 months. Proper guidance and onboarding is provided by SafetyConnect’s Customer Success Team to ensure a smooth transition and adoption.

Who can view insights from the SafetyConnect Dashboard?

The organisation can decide on the visibility criteria based on their needs for forklift tracking in warehouse. They have to discretion to decide which accounts gain gain access to the insights. In most cases, the account admins can view the insights.

How does the Forklift Safety Solution help monitor employee productivity?

It is often hard to track employee productivity after they enter the warehouse. Our forklift app lets you easily track who has done how much work. It will help you identify underworkers as well as overworkers and take necessary action. This feature enables proper delegation of work as it encourages re-engagement of workers who slack off and takes a load off those who are burdened with an overload of work. The feature helps track forklifts, which is especially useful while using third-party Forklifts.

Can the solution track data when multiple users use the same Forklift?

Yes, we are updating our solution to provide data for multiple operators of a forklift.

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