SafetyConnect : Saving Lives, One Trip at a Time

Published on
March 21, 2024

Ensuring the safety of your field employees while driving is crucial!

Presenting SafetyConnect: a cutting-edge AI-powered Driving Safety Application that will protect your field employees on the road and increase productivity. SafetyConnect guarantees the road safety of your team with state-of-the-art unique features. 

Let us dive into some of the features of this road safety app and how it can be beneficial for your company -  

Driving Behavior Analysis

Human error is a major cause of accidents in the field of road safety. It often results from unsafe and risky driving practices.

To tackle this issue head-on, SafetyConnect meticulously evaluates field employees’ driving behavior based on five at-risk behaviors - overspeeding, harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and phone handling. The driving safety application detects instances where employees engage in any of these behaviors and subsequently assigns them a safety score.

Companies gain access to actionable safety insights that enable them to prioritize actions like focused training and counseling programs to curb prevalent at-risk behaviors among field employees. 

In addition to making employee travel safer, this proactive strategy makes it possible to identify high-risk drivers who require individualized attention and support. This strengthens general road safety protocols and lowers the probability of accidents.


A team leaderboard is created using individual safety scores, with the top rank going to the team member with the highest safety score. The competitive spirit that this system fosters in field employees encourages them to aim for greater scores and move up the rankings. 

Users of the driving safety app can access this leaderboard with ease, which is updated daily based on journeys and subtly encourages the usage of safe driving techniques. 

By using this leaderboard, companies may further encourage safe driving practices and develop an organizational culture of road safety by offering additional incentives to the top performers.

Rewards and Recognition

Recognizing the significance of employee rewards and acknowledgment as effective positive reinforcement, SafetyConnect has another novel feature: Badges and Achievements. This feature appeals to people's natural need for approval and constructive competitiveness. Badges may be obtained by users for a variety of accomplishments, from easy ones like making a successful login to harder ones like traveling great distances. 

When driving in the field, employees can consistently obtain badges by fulfilling certain requirements. Some of the badges available in the driving safety app include Novice Driver, Night Owl, and Its Personal. 

The main goal is to provide field employees with incentives to drive safely. The feature stems from the idea that rewards are more effective than penalties or other forms of negative reinforcement. 

Personal Mode

Users have the flexibility to transition between "business mode" and "personal mode," enhancing confidentiality. 

In the personal mode, trip details are exclusively visible to users, ensuring that administrators cannot access this information. This feature empowers users with complete control over their data, enhancing data protection and privacy measures. 

By allowing users to switch off the ‘business mode’, the application ensures that sensitive information remains confidential, contributing to a secure and trustworthy user experience while adhering to stringent privacy standards.

Resources and Communication

Our driving safety application integrates a newsfeed and knowledge center, allowing companies to disseminate crucial updates, safe driving tips, and work-related documents to users. This unique feature enhances user engagement and promotes a culture of safety within organizations, ensuring drivers stay informed and equipped with relevant information.

Stay Protected with Every Drive

Ready to revolutionize driving safety practices in your company? 

Learn more about our cutting-edge Driving Safety Solution and schedule a demo today to see how we can enhance driving safety within your company and foster a sustainable safety culture. Take the first step towards safer roads with us!

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