The Green Hat Project - A Safety Head’s Guide to Innovative Thinking 

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January 30, 2024

Edward De Bono had taken the pain of designing a model that aimed to improve thinking and decision-making. He devised Six Thinking Hats, each with individual color and a specific function. Amidst this rainbow, was the green hat, standing tall and proud. The Green Hat symbolized creativity and unconventional thinking. It encourages the creation of a space wherein innovations are welcomed.

Barriers to Innovative Thinking

The enigmatic duo of innovation and technology has given birth to many avant-garde and pioneering safety solutions whose adoption spells a new era in the field of workplace and employee safety. However, despite its wide-reaching and manifold positive results, innovative technology is not welcomed with an open heart. Under the Green Hat Project, let us examine a few tacit as well as explicit roadblocks in the incorporation of innovative safety solutions by Safety Heads across all industries.

  1. Conformity – Similar to every other individual, Safety Heads have also mastered their skills and acquisition of knowledge in a specific, socio-economic condition. This context lays the groundwork for conforming to preset ideas and established methods of working, rendering those in charge of safety unable to entertain alternate solutions.
  2. Skepticism – Skepticism regarding new things is an innate human quality. Similarly, newer safety solutions such as digitalizing safety auditing are also received with apprehension. Cognitive biases inhibit safety heads’ ability to make an informed decision since it is colour by fear and lack of sufficient knowledge.
  3. Short-Term Vision – Investing in technology always demands patience and long-term goals. Innovative technology in terms of safety solutions do not present results overnight. Under this pressure of immediate results and improbability at the technological end, to deliver such results also invites scorning to said innovative technology.

Turning to New and Innovative Technology

The Diffusion of Innovation Theory, postulated by E.M. Rogers outlines the categories of people when it comes to accepting new technology. Subsequently, research has been conducted to shed light on the benefits of being an innovator or early adopter. People under these categories are more willing to incorporate technology and embrace change opportunities. Their venturesome spirit supplemented by the cognizance of necessary changes makes it easier for them to adopt new ideas.

When it comes to Safety solutions, as time pass, newer technologies are cropping up every day posing alternative solutions to severe problem. Now, it is the responsibility of the Safety Heads to be open to novel approaches to safety and take action for developments in the Occupational Health and Safety management systems. In this section of the blog, let us explore why Safety Heads should strive to be early adopters and set examples for others.

  1. Industry Leaders – Investing in technology-based safety solutions, would enable Safety Heads and their companies to become industry leaders in terms of assimilating technology such as AI in their workflow. They would serve as examples in their field and others would strive to follow suit. Thus, while the technology would ensure the safety of the employees, being trailblazers would attract more profit for the company as well.
  2. Remote Leadership – Incorporation of technology would also enable Safety Heads to lead from a distance. All information related to the warehouse, vehicles, and employees would be fed to the Safety Heads. Sitting in their cabin, they would have access to important and real-time data that would allow them to take necessary precautionary measures, as and when the situation demands. Despite differences in location, this new breed of safety solutions such as Corrective and Prevention Action Systems would create a safety culture, powered by effective collaboration and shared accountability.
  3. Areas of Improvement – Occupational illness, given its uncertain nature of origin, were always hard to track for the organization but with technology and appropriate knowledge, Safety Heads can monitor harmful exposures and takes preventive steps, based on the data gathered to mitigate it. The same goes for other workplace hazards such as forklift-related fatal accidents. The power of technology also makes itself felt when it promises a reduction in errors that may have led to unsafe working conditions and surveilling hazardous sites. These safety solutions make it possible to create a seamless approach to safety thinking and strategy. Safety Heads are empowered to tackle many problems and redefine occupational health and safety.
Green Hat Project

Redefining Safety with Technology

What are the technologies that demand invoking the early adopters in the Safety Heads of reputed companies?

Basic drones, cameras, and sensors to monitor employee behaviour and vehicle operations have proven to be of value. Devices offering feedback on the driving behaviour of employees lead to better handling of equipment such as forklifts. Driver Safety Solution for the field force is also a good investment to curb road accident-related injuries and death. Many software such as CAPA systems has also emerged for the sake of furthering plant safety. Technology-mediated activities in loading docks to trigger alerts will also aid Safety Heads in lessening employee injuries.


Thus, Safety Heads may equip themselves with the knowledge from this Green Hat Project to better understand the necessity of welcoming innovative thinking and new technology for the betterment of their employees. A little outside-the-box thinking and adoption would bear manifold results for the Safety Heads and the company alike.

SafetyConnect is one such company that requires the Safety Heads to keep an open mind. With its Driver Safety Solution, you can analyze your field force’s driving patterns and single out the at-risk behaviour to inculcate a safer driving culture. The company’s Action Tracking System will enable said Safety Heads to keep track of operations, reports, etc. in a plant/warehouse, identify workplace hazards and address them in real-time along with completing corrective actions and safety auditing findings before the due date.

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