Everything About Road Safety Month

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January 10, 2023

What is Road Safety Week/Month?

Road Safety has always been a reason of concern across the globe. Especially in developing countries, like ours, we see young lives lost every day, which makes road accidents a leading cause of death worldwide. Recognizing this very issue, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, has taken several steps to address this in time. One of which is the National Road Safety Month celebrated from 15th January to 15th February, which draws everyone's attention towards the current road safety issues.

Despite the burden of road traffic injuries in India, prevention is not yet on priority, due to the lack of awareness on the consequences of a road injury. Hence, road safety awareness is a topic we as a society should prioritise.

Why is Road Safety Month Celebrated?

The road safety month aims to spread awareness about various road accident causes and measures to prevent them. The government has made a commitment that before 2025, road accidents and deaths due to it will be brought down by 50% with help of people's participation, for which the road safety month will play a very critical role.

Global and Indian Stats

Country wise number of injury accidents, persons killed and injured with rankings per country
Country wise number of injury accidents, persons killed and injured with rankings per country

Data from Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

Trend of Road Accident cases, person injured and died in 2016-20220 in India.
Road Accident Cases, Persons Injured and Persons Died Stats for India - 2016 to 2020

Data from National Crime Records Bureau

Despite numerous road safety campaigns and awareness drives, India remains one of the countries in road accident deaths. It accounts for nearly 11% of all accidents-related deaths worldwide. 

How can companies reduce road accidents in their field force and ensure safety? 

With the emerging technology of Artificial intelligence now companies can reduce road accidents in their field force. SafetyConnect is an AI-based driving safety app that registers ill driving behaviours like harsh acceleration, overspeeding, harsh braking, near misses, etc. SafetyConnect gives real-time feedback on unsafe driving behaviour and makes it easier to comprehend and compare the instances of violations. 

SafetyConnect is organizing a webinar on road safety in which our co-founder, Thanmai Deekshith with industry experts will share their best practices in the field of road safety and discuss following things.

  • How to increase road safety awareness amongst employees.
  • Their personal experiences in the field of safety.
  • Innovations in the road safety space and tools available to make road safety easy.

Register for the webinar here.

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