GreenRoad vs SafetyConnect

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January 27, 2024

SafetyConnect is trusted by many renowned companies to ensure the safety of their field employees on the road. With us, they have witnessed astonishing results in terms of reduction of road accidents and increase in employee productivity.

If you are also looking for a Driving Safety Application for your team but are on the fence, here’s how we compare with our competitors to help you confidently choose SafetyConnect, a Road Safety Solution.

Driving Behavior Parameters

GreenRoad helps companies identify risky braking, acceleration, cornering, speeding, and lane handling behaviors along with distracted driving. 

SafetyConnect offers insights into similar at-risk driving behavior - phone handling, overspeeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh cornering. In addition to this, it takes a step further by analyzing this data to assess driving performance across additional parameters such as focus, smoothness, anticipation, and more.

Checklists and Inspections

SafetyConnect stands out from GreenRoad by offering distinctive features that prioritize comprehensive employee safety on the road. 

One notable advantage is the incorporation of customizable checklists, covering a diverse range of topics such as pre-driving and vehicle maintenance checks. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor the checklists to their specific needs. 

Additionally, SafetyConnect's inspection features keep users current and compliant with necessary regulations, further enhancing the overall safety measures in place.

Crash Detection System, Emergency Response, and Incident Reporting

Despite safe driving habits, accidents can still happen. 

SafetyConnect has a strong crash detection system that records crucial information in the case of an accident to improve safety. During such unfortunate situations, a built-in SOS button helps users quickly notify pre-designated emergency contacts, guaranteeing immediate aid and assistance. 

Another feature that sets SafetyConnect apart from GreenRoad is its state-of-the-art Incident Reporting System. Users can easily attach photos, give exact location data, and provide details, making it easier to analyze and document accidents quickly. This special feature demonstrates SafetyConnect's dedication to comprehensive safety protocols and efficient response systems.

Coaching and Training

GreenRoad adopts a proactive approach by offering real-time coaching to promote safer driving practices and enable users to embark on an ongoing improvement journey. 

SafetyConnect, on the other hand, focuses on training users to inculcate a safer driving culture using a variety of techniques. The app features a knowledge center and newsfeed that act as extensive resource libraries, encouraging and strengthening safe driving practices. 

Beyond the digital sphere, SafetyConnect provides clients with specialized training programs to help them overcome driving behaviors that put them at risk. This comprehensive strategy highlights SafetyConnect's dedication to actively assisting users in forming and upholding safer driving behaviors in addition to offering safety insights. 

Holistic Safety Approach

While GreenRoad offers other products in the driving safety realm, SafetyConnect recognizes the multifaceted nature of safety within a company. As such, we have expanded our offerings to include a suite of sister products that address various aspects of safety along with driving. 

This diverse range encompasses solutions such as an action tracking system, forklift safety solution, compliance tracking, incident reporting system, inspection tracking system, and more. By providing a comprehensive array of safety solutions, we position ourselves as the ideal one-stop destination for fulfilling diverse on-road and on-job safety needs in the workplace.   

SafetyConnect: Keeping Employees Safe, One Trip at a Time

‍Elevate the driving safety culture within your company with SafetyConnect as your choice. Witness the transformation into safer and more proficient drivers, coupled with enhanced operational visibility and an uplift in brand image. Take the first step towards a safer future by scheduling a demo with us.

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