Top 10 Influential People in the Field of Road Safety in India

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April 20, 2023

Road Safety is an integral component of today’s modern society. Many individuals have made great strides in this domain, working towards making the roads of India safer and raising proper awareness. Today, we bring to you a list of 10 such personalities who have contributed greatly to the cause of Road Safety. These people have made their name in the field through their expertise, informative resources, motivating messages, and social work. You can keep up with the latest developments in the industry, learn from the experiences of these individuals and follow their social media profiles for insightful posts.  

1. Pankaj Singh 

Pankaj Singh - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Pankaj Singh is an experienced safety professional with years of hands-on experience across multiple industries. With a keen interest in building a sustainable safety culture, he has a penchant for road safety. Given the sad road crash statistics in the country, he promotes road safety on every possible forum. At present, he is the Head of Corporate Safety for Adani Cements leading Safety for both Ambuja Cements and ACC. In his previous roles, he has driven strategic initiatives in the area of Road Safety across many entities with a fair amount of success. He firmly believes Road Safety in India can be improved thru policy intervention and the participation of the entire logistics industry. At the same time, he also promotes the culture of individual responsibility when it comes to using a shared space called ‘Road’. To contribute to the cause of road safety and offer his expertise, he is also a member of the FICCI (Road Safety Sub-Committee) and a Member of the Board at the National Safety Council of India. For his immense contribution and role modeling, he was voted the Safety Influencer of the Year by industry peers across 4 continents. He also has to name several leadership honors from national and international institutions.

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2. Pooja Bajaj

Pooja Bajaj - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Being a survivor of a life-threatening motorbike accident, Pooja Bajaj is an inspiration to many. A civic changemaker, Ms. Pooja Bajaj is an avid supporter of road safety. Through her talks and workshops, she raises awareness of road safety in colleges, schools, and corporate settings. A fearless soul, she is actively engaged in empowering women at the ground level by educating them about road safety and teaching them how to ride/drive safely with defensive driving workshops. She is currently a Member of Governing Council - International Road Federation. She inspires people to not only be mentally strong but also to step out of their comfort zones to achieve the success they wish in life. She firmly believes that through adversities people can become the best version of themselves.

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3. Rama Shankar Pandey 

Rama Shankar Pandey -  Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Rama Shankar Pandey is the Chief Executive Officer of TATA Green Batteries while also serving as the Chairman of the FICCI Road Safety Sub-Comittee. His experiences have rendered him an expert in the field of road safety and workplace safety. His LinkedIn profile is littered with informative posts surrounding workplace happiness, road safety, social good, and skill development. In tandem with the motto of his life, he has popularized the hashtag #passionwithpurpose. As President-CWC of the "Drive Smart, Drive Safe" organization, he is very passionate about tackling the alarming problem of road deaths on Indian roads and is actively engaged in steering different road safety awareness campaigns in order to curb this menace. This social entrepreneur has garnered several wins including the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, ET-Now CSR Leadership Award, and The Economic Times Most Promising Business Leader. 

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4. Piyush Tiwari 

Piyush Tiwari - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

A well-known name in India, Piyush Tiwari is the Founder and CEO of SaveLIFE Foundation, an NGO dedicated to saving the lives of people on the road. Under his guidance and leadership, SaveLIFE Foundation actively advocates for better road safety laws in India and works towards strengthening trauma services for road crashes. His NGO has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AIIMS Rishikesh in an effort to improve trauma care. Best known for ‘getting India a Good Samaritan Law and developing an award-winning model for reducing fatalities on Indian highways’. He was appointed to the National Road Safety Council, Government of India in 2021, following his many accolades and contribution to raising road safety awareness. Piyush is a recipient of both the Elevate Prize 2023 and the Rolex Award for Enterprise 2010. His contributions in the field of road safety have recently earned him a seat alongside Mr. Nitin Gadkari and Mr. Amitabh Bachan for Sadak Suraksha Abhiyan, a telethon that aired during the National Road Safety Week.

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5. Ashwini Bagga

Ashwini Bagga - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Ashwini Bagga is a road safety expert who has served as Principal Project Officer at the Centre of Excellence for Road Safety (CoERS), IIT Madras. He is a trained professional in this space with experience as a Consultant with the Department of Transport and Road Safety, Government of Rajasthan. He is an excellent trainer in the field of road safety and has delivered enriching speeches on topics such as Code of Practice for Road Signs, Road Safety Management, etc. to the Police Officials and officers of other stakeholder departments.

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6. Raghavendra Kumar

 Raghavendra Kumar - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Hailed as the Helmet Man of India, Raghvendra Kumar was awarded the Asian Excellence Award in 2022 in recognition of his hard work to spread road traffic safety awareness. For years, Raghavendra has been incessantly working to raise awareness of road safety. Kumar started this passionate journey after one of his friends succumbed to a two-wheeler accident. His friend’s untimely death made him resolve to do something so that others don't have to experience the same trauma that he and his friend's family had to go through. His go-to method is to distribute helmets to riders who aren’t wearing any. He spreads road safety messages using his social media accounts. In an interview, he mentioned that he aims  “to create awareness about the use of helmets so that at least the future generations of this country will not loss their lives on the roads due to carelessness,". His mission is to make people ‘smart users of the road’.

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7. Priyank Trivedi 

Priyank Trivedi - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Priyank Trivedi is a Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management (IITRAM). His area of expertise lies in the field of Transportation Safety and Infrastructure Engineering. An avid and enthusiastic supporter of sustainable transport and safe mobility, Priyank is also a MorRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India)  accredited road safety auditor. He has garnered multiple certifications in the field of road safety ranging including but not limited to ‘The Road Traffic Injury Prevention And Control in Low- And Middle Income Countries’ from John Hopkins University and Youth and Road Safety: Championing Safer Road Users from United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). His LinkedIn profile also indicates that Priyank is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.


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8. Naresh Raghavan

Naresh Raghavan - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Naresh Raghavan, with 20+ years of experience in software consulting, discovered his calling in the promotion of road safety in India via driver education. He focused on this particular aspect because he realized that there wasn’t even a single Driver Manual in the country. Naresh took it upon himself to publish India’s first Driver Manual for Cars and Motorbikes. He later went on to publish a similar manual for heavy vehicles in multiple languages - English, Hindi, and Telegu. His works are available for buying on Amazon.  Naresh uses Twitter as a powerful channel to share relevant road safety information and driving tips pertaining to road safety as such how to merge with traffic or which points need to be highlighted during driver training etc.

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9. Akhilesh Srivastava

Akhilesh Srivastava  - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Akhilesh Srivastava comes with an experience of 27 years in leadership positions in infrastructure development and Digital technologies. He currently serves the position of the Road Safety Ambassador for the International Road Federation (IRF) (IC). Akhilesh has played a key role in the development of the Indian highway infrastructure, having worked on several major road and highway projects across the country. His experience includes construction management, project planning, contract management, and quality control. He has been involved in several initiatives to promote the use of technology and sustainable practices in highway construction and maintenance. He headed the implantation of India’s most successful Digital Program on Highways- FASTag - the Electronic Toll Collection program in India, which revolutionized the highway sector in India. People often jokingly call him the ‘FASTag Man of India’. He has also made significant contributions to modernizing the NHAI by integrating the latest technologies including AI and Drones. His recent World Economic Forum-led Road Safety 2.0 Program has raised a lot of hope about solving the Road Safety problem in India with successful pilots. Many policies were issued by the Government and Regulators post the success of these pilots. A best-selling author, Akhilesh has 9000+ followers on his LinkedIn wherein he shares valuable insights related to road safety, new mobility, digital construction, and artificial intelligence. 

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10. Dr. Sreenivaas Puppalaa

Sreenivaas Puppalaa - Road Safety Influencer - SafetyConnect

Dr. Sreenivaas Puppalaa is a certified road safety expert with expertise in Road Traffic Crash investigation, Road Traffic Safety Management Systems Audit, and Road Safety Audit. He currently serves as the Deputy Transport Commissioner to the Government of Telangana. He often uploads informative posts under ‘RASTA - Roads Are Safer To All Way To Safer Roads’. He is also a part of the Road Safety Club which is dedicated to creating awareness and educating road users about traffic rules, traffic regulations, and other road safety tips. 

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