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September 27, 2023

Road safety is a pressing concern in India, yet many struggle to find reliable information. To address this, we've compiled a list of 10 essential books on road safety, providing valuable insights across various dimensions of this critical issue. These books are authored by experts in the field and offer a well-rounded understanding of road safety principles and practices. Some of these books are readily available for immediate download, while others can be purchased through popular e-commerce platforms. 

These resources serve as a comprehensive guide to enhance understanding and awareness, empowering individuals and communities to contribute to safer roads and reducing accidents nationwide.

Delivering Road Safety in India (By - The World Bank & MoRTH)

Road Safety Book | SafetyConnect

This book represents a collaborative endeavor between MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) and the World Bank. It begins by thoroughly examining the road safety challenges in India, emphasizing their magnitude and potential solutions. It discusses theHo global agenda of achieving sustainable development goals and dives into the economic ramifications of inaction, discussing the economic burden associated with road safety losses and their connections to other sustainable mobility objectives.

Furthermore, the book assesses India's progress within the framework of the UN's five key pillars, which encompass Road Safety Management, Safer Roads and Mobility, Safer Vehicles, Safer Road Users, Post-Crash Care

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Road Traffic Legislation-India Perfect Paperback (By - Dr. Rohit Baluja)

Road Safety Book | SafetyConnect

In the year 2022, Dr. Rohit Baluja authored this significant book titled 'The Road Traffic Legislation - India.' As the title implies, this book serves as a comprehensive compilation of crucial sections from various legal documents, including The Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, The Motor Vehicles (Driving) Regulations, 2017, and Notifications from the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, along with relevant sections from The Indian Penal Code. This publication plays a pivotal role in enhancing road safety by providing updated legislative insights and fostering awareness among the public.

Buy Now - https://www.amazon.in/Road-Traffic-Legislation-India-Rohit-Baluja/dp/B0BLBHFJTD/

Mission Advanced Road Safety 2019–2024 (An Insight into Road Traffic Accidents on Indian Motorways) (By -  Praveenchandra Shetty)

Road Safety Book | SafetyConnect

Mr. Praveenchandra Shetty, the author of this comprehensive Road Safety Guide, offers a practical handbook that sheds light on a pressing issue. He delves into the often-overlooked problem of improperly designed and poorly constructed roads and highways, which have been passive contributors to road traffic accidents, without fault on the part of road users.

Before writing this book, Mr. Shetty embarked on a remarkable journey, covering 19,110 kilometers in just 58 days along outer peripheral National Highways to gather firsthand information and ground realities of India's road infrastructure. He categorized these road defects as passive causes of road traffic accidents and documented them, marking a pioneering effort in India.

Buy Now - https://amzn.eu/d/etOQtwd

Road Safety Management: Issues and Perspectives (By - Prabha Shastri Ranade)

Road Safety Week | SafetyConnect

This book, authored by Prabha Shastri Ranade is divided into three sections. Section I explores the causes of road accidents, including alcohol, human errors, poor roads, and vehicle defects. Section II discusses measures to address these issues, like the Intelligent Traffic System, Road Safety Index, and Emergency Medical Services. Section III features country-specific experiences and cases, including the impact of road crashes on the poor, road safety initiatives in Bangladesh, and innovative approaches in Thailand and the Middle East.

Buy Now - https://www.amazon.in/Road-Safety-Management-Issues-Perspectives/dp/8131405311/

Manual on Road Safety Audit(By - Indian Roads Congress)

Road Safety Book | SafetyConnect

Published by the Indian Roads Congress, this book focuses on a critical facet of road safety—road safety audits. This comprehensive manual covers all aspects of road safety audits, starting with an exploration of how engineers can contribute to reducing road trauma. It then delves into the fundamentals of road safety audits, including their objectives and necessity. The book provides a step-by-step guide to conducting these audits, offering valuable technical tips. Additionally, it features four real-world case studies and includes road safety audit checklists for practical reference.

Download Now - https://law.resource.org/pub/in/bis/irc/irc.gov.in.sp.088.2019.pdf

Essentials of Road Safety (By - Ashwini Bagga & Nisha Bagga)

Road Safety Book | SafetyConnect

This vibrant textbook offers a practical approach to educating students about road traffic and safety terminology, emphasizing hands-on learning over theoretical details. It features an abundance of colorful images, activities, and examples that present various scenarios, guiding students on accident prevention and how to respond to medical emergencies resulting from accidents. This book serves as a comprehensive resource for students, parents, and teachers, facilitating the development of safe driving habits in children from an early age. Authored by Ashwini Bagga and Nisha Bagga, it fills a crucial gap in road safety education for children, laying the foundation for them to become responsible and safe road users in the future.

Buy Now - https://www.amazon.in/Essentials-Road-Safety-Ashwini-Bagga/dp/817906462X/

Come Home Papa: Short Stories on Road Safety by Scholarship-Winning Daughters of Truck Drivers 

Road Safety Books | SafetyConnect

This distinctive book represents an innovative approach to road safety. It is the result of a collaborative effort involving the Mahindra Truck & Bus Division, Tell Me Your Story, and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The book comprises a series of short stories centered on road safety and the unique challenges confronted by individuals in the trucking industry. What makes these narratives particularly remarkable is that they are authored by the daughters of truck drivers. These stories serve as a platform for fostering connections between socioeconomically diverse sectors and bridging gaps through shared emotions and experiences.

Buy Now - https://www.amazon.in/Come-Home-Papa-Scholarship-Daughters/dp/938824138X/

Car driving School Manual for India: The Essential Book for All drivers (By - Naresh Raghavan)

Road Safety Books | SafetyConnect

In India, there's a lack of a comprehensive driver education book. Current driving regulations are scattered in legal jargon across various government documents. This book simplifies these rules in an easy-to-understand manner, featuring over 130 color images. Despite its title, "Car Driving Manual," the rules and guidance presented are applicable to all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, buses, autos, and two-wheelers. In its second edition, a new chapter dedicated to two-wheeler safety has been added. No matter what type of vehicle you intend to drive, this book serves as a foundational resource to help you become a top-notch driver. Moreover, it's available in Hindi and Telugu versions. The authors behind this valuable resource are Naresh Raghavan and Malcolm Wolfe.

Buy Now - https://amzn.eu/d/fJuuxOx

Book on Road Safety Signage & Signs

Road Safety Books | SafetyConnect

This comprehensive guide, provided by MoRTH, serves as a thorough resource on road safety. It covers essential aspects such as the explanation of all significant road safety signs, including mandatory, cautionary, and informatory signs. Additionally, it delves into general information, offering guidance on obtaining a driving license, providing tips for school buses, pedestrians, and cyclists. It also addresses correct parking practices, lane driving tips, becoming a proficient driver, and touches briefly on government rules and regulations. Furthermore, this guide presents 10 key road safety facts while also dispelling a few common myths.

Download Now - https://morth.nic.in/sites/default/files/road_safety_books.pdf

Heavy Vehicles Driving Manual for India : Essential book for Heavy Vehicle Drivers Paperback (By- Naresh Raghavan & Malcolm Wolfe)

Road Safety Book | SafetyConnect

Yet another valuable contribution by Naresh Raghavan and Malcolm Wolfe, this book addresses a significant issue highlighted by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It's reported that 80% of accidents result from driver errors, a figure largely attributed to a lack of basic road rule knowledge among drivers in India. 

This book serves as a crucial resource, especially for heavy vehicle drivers who bear added responsibility due to operating larger vehicles and transporting valuable cargo. By imparting essential driver education on road rules, it aims to reduce accidents and minimize vehicle downtime. Targeting drivers of lorries, trucks, buses, tankers, and medium-sized trucks, this book is available in multiple languages, widening its accessibility and impact.

Buy Now - https://www.amazon.in/Heavy-Vehicles-Driving-Manual-India/dp/B0B7C6X13Q/

*This list reflects the subjective opinion of the company and is for informative purposes. We are open to more suggestions on the same.

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