Greener and Safer - SafetyConnect’s New Emissions Report Feature

Published on
June 26, 2023

“The Ice-caps are melting”, “The earth’s temperature is rising”, “Global Fresh Water demand will outstrip supply by 40% by 2030”

These are the kind of headlines that have become increasingly common in today's news. Such news paints a bleak picture of our environment, urging governments, citizens, companies, NGOs, and organizations to be environmentally conscious and contribute to its preservation in any way possible. 

Recognizing the need for collective action, SafetyConnect has decided to take a step forward. We are delighted to announce our new feature - the Emissions Report. While it may be a small stride, Safetyconnect is committed to doing its part in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

Understanding the New Feature

SafetyConnect’s new feature provides the user with a report outlining his CO (carbon oxide) and CO2  (carbon dioxide) emissions in kilograms (kg) along with fuel burnt. 

This estimate is made on the basis of extensive research done by our team. The calculation factors in the user’s vehicle type and the average emissions levels of such vehicles. 

SafetyConnect Driving Safety Solution's Emissions Report

What’s the Value?

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, both greenhouse gases, are well-known contributors to air pollution, with vehicular emissions playing a particularly hazardous role. The emissions report feature introduced by Safetyconnect allows users and companies to easily calculate their toxic emissions. 

By comparing the emissions against recommended levels, appropriate interventions can be implemented to reduce the carbon footprint. High emissions may indicate the need to replace or service an aging vehicle, while aggressive driving practices such as overspeeding and harsh accelerations can also contribute to increased emissions. 

This feature serves to scrutinize vehicular emissions, lower elevated levels, and prioritize the safety of employees. Embracing this conscious step is crucial for companies to actively contribute to environmental protection.

Wrapping Up

With SafetyConnect take a step towards a greener world while also safeguarding the lives of your field employees. Schedule a Demo with us and start your journey now. 

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