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SafetyConnect- Driving Safety
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How does SafetyConnect help reduce road accidents?

Do you have multiple field employees working for you or under you? Would you like to have your field force’s safety information on the tip of your finger? If you said yes to both questions, SafetyConnect is for you! Our AI-powered driving safety app will let you ensure the safety of your field force by analyzing their driving behaviour and offering tips and insights to enhance their driving practices.

Driving Behaviour Monitoring

Analyse driving insight and coach employees to drive better using gamification

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SafetyConnect- Driving Safety Mobile App

Near Miss / Incident Reporting

The power to raise any incident comes to your fingertips with easy reporting on the app.

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Incident Reporting- Driving Safety

Audits & Checklists

Make sure the right safety protocols are being followed all the time on the field.

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Audits and Checklists - Driving Safety


Help is just one click away. Send quick alerts and receive the support you need.

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SOS feature

Knowledge Center

We can’t always trust our memory. Easy access to important information and procedures.

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Knowledge Center - Driving Safety


Share safety developments and advisories to the team in real-time.

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Broadcast - Driving Safety

Operations Insights

Gain visibility into the productivity of your field force and gather insights into both strong and weak areas.

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Operations Insights - Driving Safety

Managed Safety

Let us help you with counselling, new process adoption, management reporting, and much more to suit your requirements.

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Managed Safety - Driving Safety


“Employee safety and operations optimization solution by SafetyConnect helped provide us with a specialised solution that gave visibility into our field operations and safety to know about their driving behaviour, travel route, average time spent at client location for resolving the complaint, etc. Based on the driving behaviour inferences we focused on the high risky behaviours which were a major reason for our employees road accident. We created awareness among employees, scheduled counselling ensured the improvement of score. This boosted a positive cultural shift by achieving 73% reduction of major accidents and created a draw towards safety and motivated employees.”
HSE Manager (Leading FMCG Company)

CEO and Cofounder, Doe Systems

Being blindsided with the lack of information on our employees, spending the majority of their time on the road was a dark area with no possible solution in sight. However, with the help of SafetyConnect we were able to identify these problem areas and implement required solutions. SafetyConnect helped us look into previously unknown data, such as employee behaviour that resulted in mishaps on road. It allowed for effective distribution of resources, like defensive training, to those in dire need of it. The result was a shift in morale, lower risk for employees and helped cultivate an environment of safety within the organization.
HSE Head (Animal Nutrition Company)

CEO and Cofounder, Doe Systems

Safety is a top priority for our organization and one area we were lagging behind was road safety. We had the misfortune of losing employees to road incidents in the past. The EHS app designed by SafetyConnect was the perfect tool we were looking for.The app provided great insights into driving behaviour, which helped our employee develop corrective behaviour leading to lower number of road incidents. SafetyConnect fits right into our culture and our employees found it easy to incorporate into their daily activities.
HSE Manager (Leading Pharma Company)

CEO and Cofounder, Doe Systems


What are the features of the driving safety app?

Our driving safety app has features for Driving behavior monitoring, history, incident reporting, SOS, audits, checklists, etc. So use our driving safety solution to not only monitor driving behavior but, to perform additional functions such as add checklists, safety audits, and inspection audits.

Why choose SafetyConnect for driving safety?

Our clients have seen an average dip of 73 % accidents within 6 months of installation of our driver safety solution. Some have recently witnessed an 80% decrease as well. The driving behavior app keeps the safety of individuals at the forefront while helping heads of large enterprises have a peaceful night of sleep.

Can AI aid in reducing accidents?

Yes, our driving safety app has repeatedly proven that AI is a critical aid to identify safety anomalies which when acted upon enhances safety.

What does the SafetyConnect App do?

The Driving Safety App leverages the smartphone's sensors to analyze risky driving behaviors and give recommendations and suggestions for any driving improvements it seems fit. The driver safety software makes jobs safer through safety checklists, gamified leaderboards, incident reporting, and SOS.

How does the app work?

The driving safety app analyzes the driving behavior with the phone’s inbuilt sensors.

What is the ROI?

While the ROI for safety is intangible, you can make up for it with the indirect costs by implementing our driver safety solution. 
1. Decrease in lost time injuries and fatalities by 75%
2. Decrease in fuel reimbursement costs by 15%
3. Decrease in insurance premiums and claims
4. An overall increase in revenue due to increased productivity without compromising safety by 20%
5. Brand Damage due to a fatal accident or mishap is 0.5 - 1 million USD.
6. Employee Retention rate can go up by 25%, eliminating the cost of productivity ramp-up.

Can an individual make use of the Driving Safety app, or is it for enterprises alone?

Currently, our product is focused on large enterprises. But once the enterprise invests in our product, all the individuals will be able to benefit from it.

How much does it cost?

While the cost of our driver safety solution depends on the size of your fleet, the ROI definitely makes it worth it. You can schedule a meeting with us on the website to get an estimate quotation.

How will the driving safety app help enterprises?

Our driver safety solution can help boost employee productivity and morale, save on insurance premiums, reduce absenteeism, and provide an overall great ROI.

How will the driving safety app help individuals of an enterprise?

The driver safety solution can help drivers enhance their driving skills and improve their performance. It will also provide peace of mind to you, and your employers while also assuring the families of your field force of their safe return. The app also helps you discover areas of improvement. If someone tells us that we are doing something wrong while driving, we are unlikely to listen to them, but when an unbiased system shows us scores with evidence and recommendations, we are inclined towards believing it. As such, personalized data will motivate each individual to undergo necessary changes in their driving behaviour.

What are you missing out on?

Without SafetyConnect, you miss out on creating a proactive safety culture for your field force, successfully achieving ‘Zero Harm’, enhancing employee productivity and month-on-month improvement on safety metrics.

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