Employees are Assets: Make them safer on road with SafetyConnect

Published on
January 30, 2024

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage…”

-        Anne M. Mulcahy

No truer words have ever been spoken in this avenue. Employees are, without any shred of doubt, the building blocks of a company. It is, after all, the sum of all parts that make up the whole.

The value of any company or business is solely shouldered by the quality and quantity of what they deliver to their clients/customers. Every sector is branded with its own identifying marks of profit and return on investment, based on the individual product or service. But who are the ones who carry the goal and cause of the company forward? Who is the driving force behind the success? The unanimous answer to these questions is – EMPLOYEES. However, more often than not, companies have the tendency to reduce their employees to mere monetary equations and are unable to comprehend the uniqueness of such human resources.

Employees are assets

There exists a plethora of companies that operate with a field force. These employees, each equipped with valuable skill-sets and knowledge, ply the road to fulfill the duties and responsibilities assigned to them by the company. They maneuver through harsh driving conditions, poor road construction, and heavy traffic, among others, all the while dodging probable life-threatening situations. Their unrelenting effort for the sake of the company raises the question – What is the company doing to ensure the safety of such employees on the road?

A company should be cognizant enough to grasp the intangible merit and worth that these employees bring to the table, in terms of executing deliveries and/or deploying services. Such discharge of responsibility later translates into conspicuous profit for the company, in the form of financial gains and inconspicuous surplus emanating from customer satisfaction, positive brand image, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Taking into consideration the current scenario wherein road accidents rank as the 8 leading cause of death in the world and its innate potential to ascend to the  position by 2030, companies have increasingly felt the necessity of curating a healthy and safe driving experience for their staff while they work on the field. Road accidents account for approximately 20 to 50 million non-fatal injuries, thereby contributing again to the intrinsic need of the company to invest in road safety, in assurance of the protection of their field personnel. 

Technology has come to the aid of the human race, once again, as it offers solutions to companies to beat the menace of road accidents. Technology donnes the persona of a scrutinizer as it monitors driving behaviour and that of a sensei, as it imparts valuable information to inculcate safer driving habits amongst the field force. Within the reach of driver safety solution, a term coined to incorporate this new tangent of technology focused on identifying discrepancies and fostering better driving habits, the company has the following features at their disposal - 

1.     Monitoring Driving Behaviour – With the help of technology, a company can get insights into the specifics of how an employee is driving with a special focus on common at-risk behaviour. It allows the company to scrutinize and identify a pattern of common perilous occurrences that stem from the aforementioned at-risk behaviour. Thus, enabling the company to conduct training or take other necessary steps to curtail future similar instances. For example – If a company deduces from the data on the app that phone usage is the most common at-risk behaviour among its field employees, it can take proactive measures to avoid the same. By doing so, the company makes sure that its employees are safe on the road and free from behaviour that may instigate accidents.


2.     Trip Details – For the cause of individual employee safety, this driver safety solution also armors the company with individual trip reports of individual drivers. This feature is quite the necessity as it pertains to analyzing driving behaviour, one employee at a time. With the aid of driver safety solution, the company can identify drivers who are more prone to accidents and may induce personal and professional costs. It allows the company to predict probable chances of future road accidents and take immediate interventions to correct the actions of the driver in question. Special attention can be paid to drivers with low scores to bring them up to par with others to ensure optimum safety for everybody. Corrective measures from the company’s side would lead to the driver optimizing their driving to meet the safety standards.

3.     Near Miss and Incident Reporting – Another feature of driver safety softwares that assists any company in its operations is the access provided to data relating to near-miss collisions and accidents on the road for individual vehicles. This data facilitates the company’s knowledge of which vehicles are more susceptible to accidents and puts irresponsible drivers on its radar.


4.     Safety Checklists – Complementing the aforementioned features, is a supplementary feature which indirectly impacts the safety of the employees on the road. Road safety applications display a feature titled ‘check-lists’ which may entail different content such as – engine oil replacement, tire pressure examination, checking engine coolant level etc. Such reminders lay the groundwork for a safe journey and corroborate with the company’s agenda of employee and road safety.

SafetyConnect to the Rescue :

SafetyConnect is one such driver safety solution, embodying the aforementioned features, working towards ensuring the safety of your field force.  As a road safety app, SafetyConnect offers a myriad of features to its clients centered around the need to offer security on the road to the employees and inculcate an atmosphere of safe driving practices. This driver safety solution also enshrines 5 at-risk behaviour, namely, overspeeding, phone usage, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, and harsh braking and offers statistics on how different drivers fare across these parameters. It employs user gamification to deliver better results at coaching the concerned employees to drive better. Easy access to near miss and incident reports, safety protocols and a knowledge center further aids the company in averting the instances of casualties reported. 

Strutting ahead with ‘Zero Harm’ in mind, this app structures itself so that the company has visibility into the driving behaviour of their employees, which would further enable them to create a safe working environment. SafetyConnect merges itself with a company’s safety standard and strives to achieve a healthy and safe on-field experience for its employees. 

In conclusion, investment in driver safety software never goes to waste. On the contrary, as evident, it has adverse positive implications ranging from full operational efficiency of employees to reduced wasted man-hours. With SafetyConnect, companies can full-fledged commit to the safety of their employees on the road and establish that they are indispensable resources of the company who are respected, acknowledged, and valued.

Companies can request a free demo to know more about our product. 

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