[Webinar] Road Safety - Driving Towards a Better Tomorrow

Published on
September 7, 2023

Road Safety month is a nationwide campaign that takes place every year. The campaign aims to spread awareness about various road accident causes and measures to prevent them. 

SafetyConnect is a pioneer in the road safety space. This year on the road safety month starting “15th Jan to 15th Feb", we bring to you a webinar hosted by Thanmai Deekshith, the co-founder of SafetyConnect, with industry experts, to give you a fresh perspective on road safety. Thanmai has a passion for road safety and creative problem-solving, providing out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems in the safety space.

Road Safety Month
Road Safety Webinar by SafetyConnect

Our guest speakers being industry experts will share their best practices in the field of road safety where we can learn:

  • How to increase road safety awareness amongst employees.
  • Their personal experiences in the field of safety.
  • Innovations in the road safety space and tools available to make road safety easy.

If you’re looking at target approaches to solve road safety accidents in your organization, then this webinar is for you!

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