Two Times the Charm: Introducing SafetyConnect’s Latest Product Updates

Published on
March 29, 2024
 ‘Change is the only Constant’

Despite this sentiment being expressed years ago, its significance endures. Every facet of our lives undergoes transformation, and the refusal to adapt now carries a negative connotation. 

Similarly, our product continuously evolves, integrating new changes to fulfill user requirements and enhance their overall experience. Today, let's delve into two of the latest features seamlessly integrated into our Driving Safety App—SafetyConnect.

Proactive Maintenance: Bid Goodbye to Vehicle Wear & Tear 

The latest update to the Driving Safety App is the introduction of the Proactive Maintenance System that identifies and predicts potential wear and tear on vehicles caused by harsh driving. This will improve vehicle reliability, reduce breakdowns, and optimize maintenance schedules.

What is the purpose?

The automobile industry faces significant obstacles in controlling maintenance expenses and guaranteeing vehicle reliability. Harsh driving increases wear and tear on important parts, increasing the likelihood of failures, raising the cost of repairs, and lowering customer satisfaction. The reactive maintenance strategy used today increases expenses and compromises safety.

 It is challenging to recognize needs prior to catastrophic breakdowns. Proactive maintenance interventions can be made possible by developing a system to forecast wear and tear caused by rough driving practices. By implementing a Proactive Maintenance System that considers the damage caused by harsh driving, we can minimize downtime, anticipate demands, and optimize maintenance spend. 

How does it work?

The Proactive Maintenance System will leverage data from preset constraints obtained from various sources to form a linear wear-and-tear model for vehicle use. Data streams and advanced analytics will be used to provide timely maintenance recommendations. 

The system will also integrate with existing maintenance systems to access historical maintenance data including repairs and replacements due to wear and tear. 

What will it do?

The Proactive Maintenance System will provide timely recommendations for maintenance interventions based on the detected wear patterns and predicted failure risks. It will also generate alerts to notify vehicle owners of impending maintenance needs, allowing for timely action.  

Incoming: Peer-to-Peer Challenge 

Who doesn’t love a good challenge (winning it, of course)?

SafetyConnect’s Driving Safety App is happy to announce the launch of the Peer-to-Peer Challenge System that will enable users to create, participate, and compete in various driving challenges.

What is the purpose?

The Challenge System is necessary to elevate user experience within our application. By encouraging safe driving behaviors, it not only enhances individual safety but also fosters a communal sense among users, creating a shared commitment to responsible driving practices.

Introducing a gamified aspect to the application, the Challenge System injects an element of excitement and motivation for users. This gamification not only makes the driving experience more engaging but also serves as a powerful incentive for users to actively adopt and maintain safe driving habits, contributing to an overall improvement in road safety.

How does it work?

The Peer to peer challenge System module will provide users with the ability to create, participate in, and compete in driving challenges. Users can set specific criteria, such as distance, duration, and target behavior, for their challenges. 

They can also accept challenges from peers or participate in community challenges. The module will track user progress, provide real-time feedback, and issue rewards upon successful challenge completion.

Users will be provided with a list of active challenges, incoming challenges from peers, and popular community challenges. They will be able to mark challenges as completed once the specified criteria are met. Analytics and insights related to their challenge participation will also be available for their perusal.

Usher in New Age Driving Safety with SafetyConnect

With these latest updates, complementing our existing array of diverse features, we are heralding a new era of driving safety for employees. In our driving safety app, safety transcends obligation, becoming a priority willingly embraced by employees. 

By instilling safe driving behavior through encouragement, gamification, and healthy competition, SafetyConnect not only ensures road safety but also contributes to significant cost savings for your organization—spanning insurance, medical bills, downtime, and maintenance costs. Join us in fostering a culture of safety for both your team and your vehicles. 

Interested? Schedule a demo with us now and experience this innovative approach to safety firsthand.

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