One accident every 3 minutes : How Enterprises can Combat Road Accidents in India

Published on
November 2, 2023

“India assumes G20 Presidency”

“India becomes the fourth country ever to land a spacecraft on the moon”

“India's economy will reach $7 trillion by 2030, forecasts JPMorgan’s James Sullivan”

India has undeniably grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This year in particular witnessed many watershed moments that solidified its rising global influence. Positioned as a formidable power, this ascent is the culmination of years of collective efforts and decisive actions by many establishments, stakeholders, and individuals. 

However, hidden amidst these triumphs is a sad reality, a field that is witnessing dark days. Despite the nation's achievements, the realm of road safety is grappling with a disconcerting situation.

Road Accidents in India

Even though the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has yet to reveal the official data, sources have come forth with road accident deaths in India 2022 statistics. 

Times of India has reported that “The number of people killed in road crashes in India touched an all-time high in 2022 with fatalities crossing 1.68 lakh which translates to 462 deaths per day or one every three minutes.”

It further states that “A comparison of the data shows that in 2022, the country saw a jump of nearly 9% in terms of fatalities as compared to 2021 and an increase of around 11.5% more than the deaths in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.”

The number of people getting injured in road accidents in India is increasing, which is another growing cause of concern. The number of road accident-related injuries in 2022 was 4.43 lakh, a notable increase of about 15% compared to the 3.84 lakh recorded in 2021.

Causes of Road Accidents in India

Causes of Road Accidents in India

How Can Enterprises Help India?

All of us—individuals, the government, communities, and businesses—have a shared obligation to improve road safety in India. Large Enterprises have a special responsibility because of their intrinsic societal integration. Benefiting from shared resources, both natural and social, they owe a reciprocal commitment. It is necessary to take part in significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in order to promote road safety awareness and make a meaningful contribution towards safer roads. Companies such as Honda regularly lead the way in these praiseworthy initiatives, providing notable models for others to emulate.

Enterprises have a responsibility to protect their own employees in addition to the society at large. Employees who travel by road for work-related duties often run the danger of getting into an accident. In order to reduce road accidents in India, it is imperative that these companies give priority to the driving safety of employees and put in place a variety of initiatives to actively contribute to the reduction of road accidents.

Building a Safety Culture

Encourage employee involvement, education, and awareness campaigns to create a work environment that places a high priority on road safety.

Training Programmes

Provide frequent driver training to improve abilities, encourage defensive driving, and develop a sense of safety consciousness.

Sturdy Rules and Regulations

Create and implement strict road safety policies to guarantee adherence to traffic laws and safe driving procedures.

Technology Integration

To monitor, evaluate, and enhance driving behavior and conditions, integrate cutting-edge safety technology such as telematics and driver safety solutions.

Reward and Recognition

Put incentive plans into place, praising and recognizing staff for their excellent adherence to safety procedures and efforts to prevent accidents.

Partnering with SafetyConnect

In 2020 and 2021, around 150 and 140 accidents were recorded respectively in a leading Urban Mobility Company in India. After partnering with SafetyConnect, they were able to reduce 100% of road accidents within 4 months of implementation of our Field Force Road Safety Solution

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