SafetyConnect vs Brightmile: A Comparison

Published on
December 12, 2023

Thousands of employees trust SafetyConnect to safeguard their lives on the road as they go about fulfilling their work responsibilities. Many renowned companies rely on us to get regular actionable insights, driving behavior reports, reduction in accidents, decrease in insurance claims, and increase in employee productivity and morals. See how we compare to others so you can confidently make the switch to SafetyConnect.   


Brightmile may be an excellent choice for many, but SafetyConnect provides comparable features at a more affordable rate. While Brightmile is priced at around $8-10 per user per month, SafetyConnect offers its services for a cost ranging from $4 to $9 per user per month. This significant difference in pricing can make a substantial impact, especially for users in the Indian subcontinent. Even when converted to US dollars, SafetyConnect remains a more budget-friendly option for a global audience.      

Unique Features

SafetyConnect outshines Brightmile by providing a myriad of unique features that enhance the overall benefits of the chosen plan. In addition to monitoring driving behavior along five key at-risk factors, SafetyConnect takes a step further by analyzing this data to assess driving performance across additional parameters such as focus, smoothness, anticipation, and more. The platform goes above and beyond by incorporating additional features like an SOS button, language selection options, and various other elements, offering users a comprehensive and advanced driving safety experience.      


When it comes to return on investment, SafetyConnect surpasses Brightmile yet again. While Brightmile boasts an impressive 75% reduction in collisions, SafetyConnect has demonstrated even greater efficacy, aiding its clients in achieving an outstanding 80% decrease in road accidents. Furthermore, SafetyConnect doesn't just focus on safety alone; it also contributes to operational efficiency. Remarkably, it has observed a whopping 30% increase in productivity levels following the implementation of its solution.    

Training Services

At SafetyConnect, we strongly emphasize the transformative impact of training, a principle shared by Brightmile as well, which introduces a range of targeted training modules. However, we elevate this approach to a higher level. While we provide resources aimed at fostering safer driving habits among employees, we place significant emphasis on the value of human communication. Our dedicated customer success team regularly conducts foundational training sessions to enhance awareness.  

Furthermore, we go beyond by forging partnerships with experienced individuals and companies. These collaborations enable us to offer specialized driving training tailored to the unique requirements of our clients, as discerned from the valuable insights provided by our app. This holistic approach ensures that our training initiatives not only deliver knowledge but also facilitate meaningful, personalized interactions that contribute to a safer and more informed driving culture.   

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of safety within a company, we have expanded our offerings to include a suite of sister products that address various aspects beyond driving. This diverse range encompasses solutions such as an action tracking system, forklift safety solution, compliance tracking, incident reporting system, inspection tracking system and more. By providing a comprehensive array of safety solutions, we position ourselves as the ideal one-stop destination for fulfilling diverse safety needs in the workplace.  

SafetyConnect: Keeping Employees Safe, One Trip at a Time

Elevate the driving safety culture within your company with SafetyConnect as your choice. Witness the transformation into safer and more proficient drivers, coupled with enhanced operational visibility and an uplift in brand image. Take the first step towards a safer future by scheduling a demo with us.

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