Helping Fuel Dispenser Company Achieve 'Zero Harm'

Client’s Overview

Our client is a supplier of fuel dispensers, which operates across multiple locations in Australia, Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and Africa. With an experience of over 150 years, the company has emerged as an industry leader in its respective field. Given the nature of their product, our client houses an extensive force of field workers who commute on a daily basis for the purpose of installations and customer support.

Brief History with SafetyConnect

With so many employees plying the road for dutiful completion of their responsibilities, our client became cognizant of the need to ensure their safety on the road. In light of a significant increase in the rate of major accidents reported in 2019 and 2020, the company decided to employ the help of SafetyConnect to bridge the gap between their employees and road safety.

Within the first six months of its implementation, SafetyConnect was successful in satiating the HSE team’s concerns and achieving new heights of road safety for the employees. SafetyConnect had equipped the client with better visibility into the field force’s driving habits, enhanced operational efficiency, decreased the number of lost man-hours, and reduced road accidents.

As of July 2022, over 1000 employees in the company are using SafetyConnect. The steady increase in the number of users also suggests the effectiveness of the driver solution.

The Road Ahead

Taking into account its previous level of success, the client found it beneficial to continue their professional engagement/investment in SafetyConnect. As such, over the course of approximately 18 months, our client has ushered in a new road safety regime that acknowledges the employees and aids them in inculcating better driving practices.

SafetyConnect’s Field Force Driving Safety Solution has enabled our client to better understand driving trends amongst its drivers, identify at-risk behaviour and execute necessary measures to curb the number of road accidents.

The Results

Metric 1 - The Device-based Project

In the aftermath of implementing SafetyConnect’s Device-based Project, our client experienced manifold gains on various fronts including employee safety and efficient deployment of activities.

  • The implementation of the Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) Checklist offered assistance to the engineers in the form of effective identification of hazards, prior to them engaging in specific activities.
  • The client has gained better insight into - Driving behaviour of employees, mode of transportation and condition of vehicles, enabling them to make informed decisions in this aspect.
  • Owing to the GPS Project, our client was honoured with the Recognition Award from The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a non-governmental trade association, marking the client’s contribution in creating and sustaining an environment conducive to the development of India.
Device-based project

Metric 2 - Road Safety

  • A comparison between 2020 and 2021 data revealed a 70% decline in road accidents. In terms of reduction in road accidents, a cumulative 80% decrease has been recorded since solution implementation between 2020-2022.
  • The driving scores of the employees steadily oscillate between 96-98, highlighting the practice of safer driving habits.
Road Safety trend
  • In tandem with the goal of SafetyConnect, our client was also successful in achieving their vision of ‘Zero Harm’. With enhanced visibility and necessary measures implemented, our client curbed the road traffic accidents and nullified the rate of employee injuries and deaths.

Employee Insights

I have been using SafetyConnect for a very long time now. Earlier, I had no idea that I used my phone so often while driving. But with this solution, I gained better knowledge about this behaviour. Looking at my phone usage score, I realized my poor practice and made it my mission to reduce my score to 0. Thanks to their constant monitoring, I was able to rectify my mistake and practice proper driving habits. My biggest thanks to SafetyConnect because now my family, too, rests assured that I will return home safe.”

- Employee 1 , User for 18 months

Though I have only recently started using SafetyConnect, I must praise this new technology. This motivates me to drive better and always rank high on the safety scoreboard. It has lead to friendly and healthy competition between my peers and acts as a reinforcement to constantly work in a more well-organized manner. Since, I am able to realize my at-risk habits with this solution,  I believe I have also improved my performance, efficiency, and productivity wise.

- Employee 2, User for 3 months

A Unique Conundrum - The Case of the Two Missing Vehicles

The client’s shared a small anecdote of how SafetyConnect has aided them in other tasks as well.

The client’s company had been unable to locate two vehicles for a few weeks. Surprisingly, SafetyConnect came to the rescue. Using the solution’s unique features such as trip details and live tracking, the client was able to pinpoint the location of the two lost vehicles.