SafetyConnect has a Gift for you!

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March 27, 2023

Imagine this - You are 10 years old and are stuck with a tough math problem! You are unwilling to continue but your mother promised you a delicious bar of chocolate if you finish the task before dinner. Excited at the prospect of gaining a reward, you work harder and solve the problem. It's now 10 pm, and you are enjoying your chocolate while your mother is praising your hard work. 

Does something like this sound familiar to you? 

I think we can unanimously come to an agreement that all of us appreciate recognition for a job well done, especially in this tough professional world. Rewards and recognition for employees have proven to be an effective tool to motivate them and increase productivity. Creating an appropriate rewards and recognition program can yield many positive outcomes for any organization. 

Unwrapping the Gift

At SafetyConnect, we have realized the importance of employee rewards and recognition and how it can function as positive reinforcement. As such, to cater to this very human nature of desiring recognition and healthy competition, SafetyConnect has introduced a new feature of Badges and Achievements. 

Understanding the New Feature 

Our gift to you is a collection of badges to celebrate your achievements once you complete different milestones. In addition to being easy to use, we have also designed this new feature in such a way that it offers easy navigation to all users. 

Current Users will be gifted with different badges they have earned over the course of their journey with SafetyConnect. For new users, the new badges will appear as a pop-up post-installation. To view the badges earned, you will have to go to the profile page. Under the Achievements section, you can cruise through all the badges you have earned so far. You will also have the ability to showcase one of the badges on your profile picture. 

New Feature - Dashboard

We have introduced different reward badges for employees to acknowledge their efforts and honor every milestone, whether big or small.  A badge can be earned by our users for a variety of tasks, from completing a simple activity like logging in successfully to completing a slightly more difficult task like driving a long distance. With employees continuing to operate in the field, they can continue to earn badges as they drive around, by fulfilling the criteria for obtaining said badges. We offer a wide range of employee recognition badges such as Novice Driver, Night Owl, Its Personal, etc. 

What is the Value?

The idea behind this concept is to incentivize field employees for practicing safe driving.  This feature is based on the notion that positive reinforcement can bear better results than negative reinforcement or punishment. Thus, in lieu of incorporating negative consequences, the rewards and recognition-based feature promotes responsible driving, safe driving behaviors, and enhanced safety culture.

Along with this, an atmosphere of friendly rivalry also persists, wherein the field employees compete with each other to gain more badges. This fosters a feeling of motivation among the employees, encouraging them to continue practicing safe driving behavior so as to achieve higher milestones. 

Wrapping Up 

Thus, this new feature will continue to serve the main goal of the product - to help in improving the driving safety of field employees. It will make significant contributions to reducing at-risk driving behavior and promoting safe driving practices. 

If you are also excited like us to unlock the true value of this feature, book a demo with us today! 

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