Why does enterprise need to focus on their Field Force Driving Safety?

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January 30, 2024

The value of safe driving can never be underestimated especially in these times of extreme pollution and abrupt climatic change. It is important and should be prioritized to drive safely.

Why Driver Safety is important?

One of the major causes of the roadside accident is distracted driving, leading to 1.6 million accidents every year. Such accidents have negative and deep impacts on drivers’ health and on psychology as well such as traumas and phobias. Most enterprises use drivers to deliver their products occasionally or some do this more often. In this way, their employees go on the roads from time to time in order to deliver their products and services. Driver safety is important not only for the driver but as well as for enterprises as it reduces fuel economy, wears and tear, and overall running cost. It also influences the reputation of an enterprise which would definitely take a long time to heal.

In order to cut the finances, driver safety is important. In order to improve the health and well-being of a driver as well as to improve financial gains, it is important for a driver to change his driving behavior. It helps enterprises to reduce the cost of insurance. Rates of insurance are increasing day by day and it shows that there will be a significant increase in this trend. Accidents and moving violations will result in an increase in the premium cost. In this way, safe driving can cut off the cost in many ways.

For most enterprises, drivers are the soul of their business and a risk factor as well. So they have to follow the standard safety protocols to ensure the driver’s safety and also keep the roads safe for other road users as well.

How do you go about ensuring your Driver's Safety?

Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) reports that on average, an enterprise costs 60$ billion in a year, costing each employer 16,500$. Drivers being the core of an enterprise, it is important to ensure their safety.

An effective strategy to ensure driver safety is driver gamification in which the driver with a good driving attitude is rewarded with different awards and benefits. Driving apps could be a useful tool in such programs.  Driver safety training either online or in-car is helpful to educate drivers about safe driving protocols and behaviors. Clear communication with all drivers is an important aspect ensuring that all of them are being heard and are held accountable for their actions. Driver safety policy ensures open and inclusive safety communication. These policies should be updated over a period of time according to the need of the hour. All the vehicles are in a good position and are properly maintained should be ensured. All the scheduled maintenances should be documented to ensure that all the vehicles have gone through proper maintenance. It is important to keep an eye on driver’s behavior to check the effectiveness of your driver training. Installing safe driving apps in your driver's phone could be helpful to monitor driver behavior and help to target driving issues. Even after following all the precautions, if still any misfortune or accident happens, it is important to aware drivers about the accident management and there should be safety programs so that drivers should know what to do in such cases. They should be provided with first aid kit as well as tools to repair vehicles. Please give a read to the following mentioned article to reduce road accidents and ensure driver safety https://www.safetyconnect.io/post/strategy-to-reduce-road-accidents-for-large-enterprises-secret-ingredients-of-field-force-safety-during-the-pandemic.

Technology to enhance Driver Safety

Driver safety has come a long way from seatbelts and airbags to many technological innovations which made driving safer than ever. Around the world, drivers are a vital part of a supply chain, so keeping them safe is a major responsibility of fleet managers in an enterprise.

There are many advanced technologies where mobile apps can ensure driver safety. It is common that a phone can be distracting while driving but what if it could detect bad driving behavior as well? These apps help drivers to keep their eyes away from texts, calls, and Emails and help them to keep their eyes on roads.

How SafetyConnect can help your enterprise with field force driver safety?

At SafetyConnect, we provide you with a variety of features that can ensure driver safety and monitor driving behavior. Our Driving Safety App analyzes driving behavior and help enterprise to insight into the daily activity of driver without waiting for the driver to return. Using driver gamification it motivates drivers to drive safely. It reports Incidents or Near-miss, in order to reduce incidents, generate audits and checklists, to make sure that all the safety rules are followed. Our app also has Knowledge Center which stores information regarding protocols and procedures that should be readily available to drivers.

Driving Safety App- Get a Demo

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