Increasing Safety Score of a Leading Insurance Company in 1 month

About the Client:

The client is India’s leading Insurance company. They are one of the fastest-growing companies in the Insurance sector. The company offers a comprehensive and innovative suite of protection and long-term savings products. It is a leading life insurer in India that has been profitable for over a decade. It has a presence as the largest, independent listed pan-Asian life insurance group in the world spanning 18 markets in the Asia Pacific region.

The Client Story:

The Client firmly believes that their employees are the key to their success and securing the health and safety of their colleagues is their top priority. Over the years, they have deployed different programmes to facilitate the cultivation of a safety culture.

However, in the last 3 years, they have had 5 fatal accidents and many minor accidents/incidents. The insurance payouts for these accidents have cost them approximately $ 200k. As incident reporting was not maintained, data for man-days lost is also not accessible.

These factors along with the growing concern to ensure the safety of their field employees on the road, motivated them to adopt AI technology to combat the safety issues and mitigate the ensuing financial loss.

The Challenges:

  1. Fatalities of their field force employees
  2. Major and Minor Incidents of their field force employees
  3. No incidents/accident reporting mechanism.
  4. Heavy amounts of insurance payouts
  5. Lack of data on lost man hours
  6. Lack of visibility into the on-road safety of employees.
  7. Lack of data to improve employee driving behavior.

The Solution:

Keeping in mind the aforementioned roadblocks to employee and road safety, the client decided to engage in a one-month pilot run of SafetyConnect’s Driving Safety Solution. This AI-based solution presented itself as the perfect fit to address the prevalent unsafe practices, lack of visibility and inaccessibility to required data.

As per the protocol, a one-month pilot program was implemented as a trial run to gauge the effectiveness of the solution. During this pilot program, SafetyConnect maintained its track record and offered the following benefits to the client

  1. Mobile app-based solution.
  2. Traveled path monitoring of the employees.
  3. From no visibility to vivid clarity on driving behavior.
  4. Safety Score and unsafe events visibility in real-time.
  5. Incident Reporting Mechanism

Pilot Program:

In August 2022, the client rolled SafetyConnect as a Pilot Run for 100 employees within the organization for 1 month. This pilot program aided them in:

  1. Gaining visibility into every employee's driving behavior.
  2. Identifying safe and unsafe drivers.
  3. Counseling the unsafe drivers.
  4. Reward & Recognition for safe drivers.
  5. Road Incident Analysis.

The level of success achieved in the pilot run encouraged the client to scale up and implement SafetyConnect across the country.

Metric 1: Tailor-Fit Onboardings to boost the Activation Trend

Our Customer Success Team tailored the onboarding to fit the client's nature and enable them to draw the maximum benefits from this data-driven solution since Day 1. The following graph shows how these onboarding sessions aided in boosting application activations. The inclusion of the employees in these onboarding calls fast-tracked this success.

Activation count

Metric 2: Improvement in Safety Score

The Safety Score provides insight into the driving behaviour of every employee. It tracks the observed behavioural trends and any improvement in the employees’ driving pattern reflects in the increased safety score. The safety score of all the employees is amalgamated to understand the overall organizational score.

Weekly Safety Score Trend

The graph represents the increase in the safety score of the customer that was observed within 1 month of the Pilot. This is reflective of how employees have changed their attitude toward their own driving behavior and is therefore, celebrated as a huge success.

Metric 3: At-Risk Behaviour trends

The At-risk behaviours are those habits that make the employee more vulnerable to becoming the cause of a road accident. As such, these dangerous behaviours are captured using our mobile application.

At-Risk Behaviour Trend

The above graph is clearly reflective of a decline in the at-risk behaviour trend when compared to the beginning of the implementation. This decrease automatically translates to safer employees and safer roads. The reduction can be attributed to regular monitoring and counseling sessions offered to the unsafe drivers i.e. those with the highest at-risk behaviour incidents.

Metric 4- Employee Counselling:

Scheduled counseling calls showcased noticeable differences in the driving behavior of employees. 9 out of 11 At-risk drivers showed an improvement after the counseling session, which is remarkable.

Employee Counselling Results

We can deduce from the above graph that the Safety Score of At-risk employees has improved significantly after the counseling session was conducted.

Metric 5- Value add:**

Key observations that added value to the client since the roll-out are:

  1. The Organisation level Safety Score which helped them gain an overview of the prevailing safety culture
  2. Visbility into the traveled paths of the employees with markups to suggest at-risk behaviours
  3. Suggestions from SafetyConnect on how to improve the current scenario and inculcate safer habits
  4. Responsive support system with multiple channels for open communication and the efficiency to solve all queries
  5. Assistance from our team in ensuring maximum activation of the solution

These features enhanced the holistic experience of the Driving Safety Solution and enabled productivity and efficiency across the existing company hierarchy. Functioning of the operations team was also carried out effectively as their planning was now supported by visibility into real-time distance traveled.


  • 9% increase in safety score within 1 month of the pilot.
  • 22% decrease in total At-Risk behaviors captured after the 3rd week of 1 month Pilot duration.

User Experience Reviews:

“Every time when I was driving the car, I felt like I should not break any SafetyConnect app parameters along with traffic rules. Now I am abiding by traffic rules post-completion of the SafetyConnect app's one-month trial. The experience was truly amazing, and the team was very attentive, and professional. it became a habit. Thanks, and #3 cheers to the entire team!!!”

-Employee (User)

“I have now become much more conscious and aware of my driving pattern. Improvement suggestions by the SafetyConnect app have also helped me avoid any At risk behavior while driving. A really great initiative.”

Client Review:

There was a Felt Leadership with the usage of this application that was felt by the employees. Positive behavioral change and awareness were seen  among the employees as they started a discussion on road safety among themselves. Department Managers also seemed aware of their driving behavior and understood the importance of monitoring one’s driving behavior.

  • Manager of Safety & Security

Overall Results:

SafetyConnect aspires to contribute towards the creation of Zero Harm Workplace and with this solution, it is one step closer to providing that to its client. Within only one month, the client has observed incredible results as SafetyConnect could render complete visibility to the driving behavior of the employees. Frequent Counseling and Rewards & Recognition programs organized by our team encouraged better solution usage and motivate the safe driver with better efficiency.

Many other benefits accompanied this pilot which complemented the strive for management efficiency, operational excellence and overall safety of the employees.