Reducing 100% Road Accidents in an Urban Mobility Company in 4 months

About the Client : 

The client is a multinational company which manufactures escalators, moving walkways, and elevators worldwide since the late 18th century. They produce, install, maintain and modernise lifts and escalators in many types of buildings including residential, commercial and high-rise buildings. 

Its innovative and environmentally-friendly access and transit-management systems make an important contribution to mobility in urban societies. Behind the company's success are over 70k employees in more than 100 countries.

The Client Story: 

Owing to the nature of their work, the client has a huge field force who travel daily to carry out installations and maintenance of its products. This gave rise to a constant concern for the safety of these employees. 

In 2020 and 2021, around 150 and 140 accidents were recorded respectively. In an effort to reduce this, the client had introduced clear guidance and group-wide standards which had yielded minimal results. These accidents resulted in an average of 14k lost man-hours between the years 2020-2021, also triggering  a decline in employee morale, cost of replacement, and attrition. 

The client was then on a lookout for a ground-breaking solution that would enable them to foster a culture of driving safety amongst its field employees. The ultimate goal of the client is wanting their employees to return home safely.

The Challenges: 

  • Fatalities and injuries resulting from road accidents
  • Lack of visibility into accident root cause analysis 
  • Lack of facility for iincident reporting
  • Increase in the man hours lost
  • Lack of Driver Behaviour monitoring and analysis
  • Lack of reporting mechanism, visibility, and motivation for safe driving.

In search of a solution, the client got to know about SafetyConnect and did a pilot for 2 months which provided amazing results.

The Solution: 

SafetyConnect’s Driving Safety Solution was introduced to tackle the problems faced by the client when dealing with field force safety. SafetyConnect could provide the following to the client - 

  • Vivid clarity on driving behaviour.
  • Analysis of employee's driving behaviour.
  • Access to Safety Score 
  • Visibility into unsafe events in real-time.
  • Zone, region and service centre level data categorization.
  • Reports for at-risk behaviour events captured

Pilot Journey:

The client initially engaged in a 60 days pilot, where more than 300 employees were nominated from across India. Based on the reports furnished by SafetyConnect, the client realised that Harsh Braking was the most observed At-risk behaviour. The solution was then rolled out for all 1000 employees.

Individual analysis of the field employees, who are a part of this solution, was provided to the client so that they can understand speed violations and other at-risk behaviours observed. With this, the client was able to gain visibility into the driving pattern of these employees. 

During the pilot an unfortunate accident happened, for which the data from SafetyConnect app and road accident analysis furnished by its team provided great insights on why the accident happened, what caused the accident and which At-risk behaviours caused the accident. 

Positive feedback from the employees about using SafetyConnect reinstated the Pilot’s successful implementation.

Scale Up:
In August 2022, the client decided to roll out the SafetyConnect application for more than 1000 employees across 8 regions in India. Currently, within 3 months of implementation we have started observing positive change in driving behaviour of the employees.  

Let’s understand a few metrics which have created an impact for the client in understanding driving behaviour and patterns of each employee.

Metric 1- Activation Trend 

Onboarding huge user base is simplified through our expertly curated activation process which ranges from providing access to the employee to personalised onboarding calls and solution sensitization. 

Activation Trend Week wise

In the span of 4 weeks 95% activations have been achieved thus helping employees to draw the value from day 1 through its data driven and analysed driving improvement suggestions.

Metric 2- Decrease in man-hours lost:

A decrease in road accidents, major incidents and near misses helps an organisation reduce lost man-hours as it strives for optimal employee productivity. Within a quarter of using SafetyConnect, approximately 3000 man-hours was saved from potential loss. There continued to be a positive streak and within a year, users observed a reduction of more than 70% of man-hours lost.

Metric 3 : Improvement in Safety Score 

The organisational safety score is a cumulative safety score of all the users which can be then segmented using Hierarchy to observed various zone/ divisions safety score.

Improvement in Safety Score ‍

The above graph represents that in just 2 months 70% of employees improved their Safety Score by 10% which proves how employees have changed their point of view towards their own driving behaviour.

Metric 4 : At- Risk Behaviour trends

Every employee's driving behaviour that may result in an accident is shown by the at-risk behaviours that were recorded using our mobile application. Regular monitoring and counselling sessions has minimised the employee's at-risk behaviour events.

Analyzing At- Risk Behaviour trends

As the graph reflects, a decrease of 15% of At-Risk behaviours had been observed within a quarter of solution implementation. This positive change sustained among the employees, encouraging them to reduce their risky driving behavior. Astonishing, as the graph below depicts, within a year a total decrease of 56% in At-Risk behaviors has been observed.

Metric 4- Value add: 

Key observations that added value to the client since the roll-out are:

  1. Country/ Zone/ Division level Safety Score.
  2. Visibility into travelled path with At-risk behaviours mark-ups
  3. Safety Improvement suggestions.
  4. Weekly and Monthly Customer Success team engagement.
  5. Omnichannel support system to resolve any queries.

These features improved the entire employee experience by allowing employees to communicate directly with their managers at all levels of the organisation.


  • 100% reduction in accidents by the first quarter of implementation.
  • 11% increase in monthly safety score within 52 weeks of solution implementation.
  • 100% increase in productivity in the organization within a year of solution implementation.
  • 111% increase in distance traveled by the employees within a year of solution implementation.

Overall Results : 

SafetyConnect was successful in helping the client ensure that their field employees reach home safely. The solution’s unique features have enhanced the culture of driving safety amongst the employees, improved operational efficiency and increased productivity.