SafetyConnect’s First Off-Site Meet in Goa

Published on
December 29, 2022

SafetyConnect had its first official off-site meet in Goa, India in September. The team traveled from all across the country (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Hyderabad etc.) to partake in the Townhall Meeting and strengthen employee bonding. Given that all the employees work remotely, this gathering in a picturesque resort by the beach laid the groundwork for better communication amongst the various teams and encouraged camaraderie.

The first day started off with fun ice-breaking activities to invite the participation of everyone and foster better relationships. The SafetyConnect team joyously let their creative sides loose as they indulged in painting coasters and bookmarks. The highlight of the event was that the artwork which was created was exchanged as gifts amongst the team members. As the sun set, the team spent rejuvenating time by the sea playing football, enjoying the gentle breeze, and taking in the scenic beauty. The day ended with fun chit-chats by the pool and a fulfilling dinner.

The next morning, the team enjoyed a body and soul cleansing session on the beach. This session of yoga and meditation helped everybody attain mental clarity and enjoy a sense of calm. Afterwards, the team gathered at the Seminar Hall of the resort for formal discussions. At the outset, Mr. Thanmai Deekshith, Co-Founder of SafetyConnect, addressed the crowd, congratulating the team for their relentless efforts and shared his vision for the future. The floor was then open to Mrs. Yamika CHL, Senior Manager of Customer Success and Support, who filled the team with the passion to work harder with her inspiring words. Subsequently, managers of each team of the company took the stage to share with the rest of the company the many milestones they have achieved and put forth their agenda for the coming months.

This session was particularly enlightening since the entire team got insights into the workings of each department, their deliverables, and the roadblocks they face. The pertinence of this conclave was established as it offered a space for the employees to satiate their doubts and raise questions. Following this, the team spent an enthralling night at the Awards Ceremony, which was hosted by the HR Department to recognize the hard work of the employees and offer them a token of appreciation. The team applauded the commendable contribution each member brings to the company.

On the last day, the team participated in an enriching brainstorming session wherein open dialogue invited the inputs of each member in regards to company culture, employee engagement, onboarding techniques, brand building, and the like.

Even though the trip ended, it left a long-lasting impression on the team. The off-site meet apart from being just fun activities has also enhanced team-building and productivity, all the while reinstating the SafetyConnect Team’s commitment to their work as well as offering safety to their clients. Each member is invigorated to work with a renewed passion towards fulfilling the set goals for the company and taking it to new heights.