4 Ways to Minimize Distractions While Driving

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September 7, 2023

Every year 1.3 million people are killed around the world due to road accidents. Around 70 percent of these accidents involved the youth. With the growth of technology, the time people are spending on their phones is increasing as well. Distracted driving is one of the top contributing factors to the rising number of accidents worldwide. Accidents can significantly increase the cost of your field force and service force operations. In this article, we explain how you can help your drivers overcome distracted driving in four ways.

Distracted Driving Behaviours and Their Reasons

A 2016 National Safety Council (NSC) survey in the US revealed the top five reasons that led to distracted driving.

·51% had phone calls through hands-free and in-vehicle systems.

·32% exchanged or viewed text messages.

·23% exchanged or viewed emails.

·23% posted or viewed social media messages.

·21% browsed the internet.

How To Minimize Distracted Driving

Here is a list of safe practices that you can adopt for your field force and service force operations.

  1. Avoid MultiTasking:
Avoid MultiTasking

Your drivers should concentrate only on driving when they are driving the vehicle. It includes avoiding everything right from answering phone calls, replying to text messages, browsing the internet, etc.

2. Avoid eating or drinking:

Avoid eating or drinking

It is probably one of the biggest distractions for any driver to drive and eat or drink simultaneously. Make sure your drivers follow a healthy schedule where they eat or drink before or after their trips. In unavoidable circumstances, they should stop their vehicle at a safe place to eat or drink.

3. Concentrate on the Road only:

Concentrate on the Road only

Your drivers should avoid looking at passing buildings or sceneries that can be tough to resist. It is a safe practice to keep moving the eyes every two seconds and check the mirror every six seconds on average.

4. Avoid driving when Drowsy:

Avoid driving when Drowsy

Being in a drowsy state when driving can be more dangerous than drunk driving. They contribute largely to the number of accidents that happen each year. It is advisable to ask your drivers to rest at a safe place for some time before driving again.

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