5 Ways How Large Enterprises can Get Started with A Road Safety Program

Published on
January 30, 2024

Hundreds and thousands of accidents on roads happen around the world each year. According to the WHO, around 1.35 million people die each year because of road traffic crashes. Large enterprises with field force employees need to be watchful of this. They can witness escalating overhead expenses due to several reasons like maintenance costs of vehicles, accidents, insurance premiums for drivers, and injuries.

Whenever an accident happens, there are several repercussions that can affect smooth business operations. Medical expenses, loss of productivity, vehicle damage, insurance sum, and compensation can become a setback for companies. Though Governments around the world lay a lot of emphasis on road safety, it often falls short. Despite budgets allocated to maintenance and repairs of roads and highways, there remains scope for improvement.

With the advent of technology and its rampant adoption in our lives, most critical problems have a solution today. It is possible to improve road safety with the help of a mobile app.

In this article, we will take a look at how enterprises can implement road safety programs for their field force.

Mobile app for improved driver behaviour and reduced road accidents

One of the factors contributing to increased road fatalities is human behaviour. Issues like rash driving, speeding, harsh braking, and cornering increase the risks of accidents. While there are road and driver safety rules in place for a safe driving experience, accidents still happen.

It is important to instead concentrate on driver behaviour that can solve the problem to a large extent. A mobile app that observes driver behaviour and suggests areas for improvement can help mitigate accidents and reduce expenses for a business.

How does a mobile app benefit in road safety?

A mobile app can benefit large enterprises in their road safety management in many ways.

1. Reduced accidents

Based on driver monitoring captured by the mobile app, drivers receive personal counseling from company administration for safer operations.

Reduced accidents

2. Proper safety training

With the recording of all incidents, drivers receive proper training as part of the comprehensive road safety campaigns.

Proper safety training

3. Promote safety culture

It is possible to create a safe driving environment through regular counseling and campaigns.

Promote safety culture

4. Reduced direct and indirect costs

Through safe vehicle operations, it is possible to reduce various costs like medical expenses, insurance premiums, etc.

Reduced direct and indirect costs

5. Employee engagement

By keeping employees engaged and motivated towards ensuring safe driving, half the work already gets done. Good driving behaviour can be applauded, which can motivate everyone to do well.

 Employee engagement

How to create a road safety program that works?

A mobile app can go a long way in ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles. Like most other business processes, there is a need for a robust plan to make sure road safety goals get achieved. For large enterprises, it becomes important to have a uniform and comprehensive road safety
applications that work.

As a leading telematics company, SafetyConnect is already assisting various big and small enterprises through its driver safety app and other solutions. To know more about our field force road safety app, request a free demo today. It will take only 15 minutes for you to understand how
you can implement a road safety program for your employees.

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